Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pro-Life Protest in Detroit

I love it when my three topics come together in union. *sigh* I just wish they wouldn't do it while I was out of town, on my birthday, no less!!!
On 23 March, there was a "pro-life" protest. You can read about it here. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Are you back? Good, I was worried that you may have at the same reaction I did, which was to ram my head into the wall of my room. Now I just have one thing to ask:

Really? Really?

In a city with 19 percent unemployment, rising crime rates, and a quarter of the population leaving the city in the last ten years, you want to complain about the insurance that I would pay for having to cover my birth control?

I seriously can't even quote parts of  the article because I would end up quoting all of it. I will only quote one bit because it is the dumbest quote in the article:
Heidi Zimmer, of Roseville, has a Baptist background. But she came to the Detroit rally today after hearing about it from a Catholic friend. Over the years, she's turned against contraception after listening to arguments from Catholics.
"When you take the pill, it screws up your hormones," she said. "A lot of people think, oh, you're a fanatic. But there's a logic. I, too, am now against the pill."
I'm really trying to stop talking like a teenager, but I'm going to lapse for just one second:
WELL DUH!!! That's why it's called "hormonal birth control!" It messes with your hormones because THAT'S HOW IT WORKS!!! There are side effects, but there are side effects with nearly all medication. And you know what screws up your hormones? Your period. You know what helps with that? Birth control. You know what else screws up your hormones? Pregnancy. You know what prevents that? Birth control.

I really need to calm down or wash my eyes to get the stupid out of them. I'm going to make some tea and do my homework for my Rock and Roll History class. I get to read about my favorite band this week.


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