Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chicago, Here I Come!

The great thing about having time off and a Megabus stop right near your place, is that you can take little trips. My friend and I are going to be in Chicago until 3:30 PM on Wednesday. Yay Field Museum!
One of the last times I was in Chicago, I met Dr. Chris Lintott at Adler Planetarium. Dr. Lintott wrote a book with Dr. Brian May and Sir Patrick Moore. Since I am a HUGE Queen fan, my brain went kind of like "Oh my god! HE WORKED WITH BRIAN MAY!!!" But I didn't tell him that I only knew who he was because of Brian May, because that would probably hurt his feelings.

More later,

Friday, July 27, 2012

Michigan Senate, Y U No Like Women?

I woke up to this:
And then I found this:

These bills are what I was protesting last month. I love how legislators actually listen to what their constituents say (sarcasm). My own senator voted no on the bill. I really hope that Governor Snyder vetoes this.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Just Registered For My Capstone Course!

I'm really proud of myself! It's a little less than a year away, but I'm excited about my topic. I'm doing a study on the first season of The Walking Dead! I even have the title picked out: "They're Coming To Get You, Barbara: A Study of Gender in The Walking Dead."
Now, before you get all worked up, yes. I know that the line is from The Night of the Living Dead. I was going to do a study of The Night of the Living Dead, but there was not really a lot of character development in that film, so I changed the topic. I just really like that line.
The main thing that thrills me about this is that when I'm half way through my capstone project, I am going to start looking at master's programs at different schools. I'm also really nervous.


Monday, July 23, 2012


This guy is an asshole.
Most people don't understand what "gun control" means. It literally means controlling who can get a gun. If there were absolutely NO gun control, that means that the following people would be able to get firearms:

Gang members.

So the next time someone says that "gun control" is evil, bring this up. Then you can watch them stutter and try to come up with some answer trying to explain what they "really" mean.

Fuck Russell Pearce.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims of this horrible tragedy.