Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Just Registered For My Capstone Course!

I'm really proud of myself! It's a little less than a year away, but I'm excited about my topic. I'm doing a study on the first season of The Walking Dead! I even have the title picked out: "They're Coming To Get You, Barbara: A Study of Gender in The Walking Dead."
Now, before you get all worked up, yes. I know that the line is from The Night of the Living Dead. I was going to do a study of The Night of the Living Dead, but there was not really a lot of character development in that film, so I changed the topic. I just really like that line.
The main thing that thrills me about this is that when I'm half way through my capstone project, I am going to start looking at master's programs at different schools. I'm also really nervous.


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