Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello!!! Welcome!!! My name is Kari and I have started this blog to expand on atheism, feminism and other things that I think are important or just plain silly or funny. I am doing this because I just got back from Reason Rally and one of the things that was said at the rally was that we need to "come out of the closet" about our atheism. Well, the people that are closest to me already know. I do not hide my atheism, I will tell you if you ask, but I am still terrified at what will happen if certain people find out. Today I decided "no more," as soon as I got home I changed my facebook "religious views" from "Rock and Roll" to "None (atheism is not a religion)." I am waiting for the fallout.



  1. I, too, am an atheist living in Michigan. I was at the Reason Rally, as well. Do you have an email address associated with this blog? I'd love to chat and "compare notes" regarding atheism and to pick your brain regarding your decision to start a blog!

  2. Yep!

    I look forward to hearing from you!